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Some of you may ask what are the benefits of fiberglass versus some other methods of manufacturing marina dock boxes, pile caps, fire hose cabinets and other products.  Below are some comparisons between fiberglass and plastic.

Fiberglass has a very good strength to weight ratio, actually greater than steel per pound

Fiberglass will withstand salt, chlorine, heat and the sun's UV rays

Best choice for electrical storage due to fiberglass being non-conductive

Gel coated fiberglass dock boxes require little or no maintenance

Fiberglass has excellent dimensional stability

Fiberglass is smooth and offers a superior appearance over plastic or wood


Although lighter than fiberglass, plastics are much less durable

Plastics are not as smooth in appearance as fiberglass

Plastics cannot tolerate extreme environments like fiberglass can

Plastic colors do not hold up over time exposed to salt air

UV light makes plastic brittle over time, leaving it vulnerable to cracking

Plastic just cannot compete with the strength of fiberglass

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