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Our triangular and rectangular shaped dock boxes provide a great place for storage right on the dock.  Available in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your needs.  Some are available with optional power centers by HyPower or Midwest.  These are also great for revenue if you rent these out to boaters.  NOTE the colors of the pictures vary by location of photo - all boxes are finished in a bright white gel coat.


An excellent place for storage, the C-1 Dock Box is very strong.  Constructed of layers of gel coat and fiberglass you are guaranteed a long lasting dock box.  Power Centers are optional on these dock boxes.  Approx 12 cubic feet of storage space.  Click here for C-1 Diagram


Please do not try this.   This picture shows how strong these boxes are, with approximately 225 lbs standing directly on it.

C-1 Locking Hasp shown to the left..

Shown with Midwest Power

Same design as the C-1, the C-1 Double Lid Dock Box offers split storage areas with 2 lockable lids.

Photo shows one side open.  These boxes are perfect to share with a marina neighbor on the same dock.  Power Centers are not available with these boxes.

Photo of the C-1 D with both lids open.

C-2 Dock Box - Shown with optional power center.  Roughly 6" smaller than the C-1, great alternative if you do not need a C-1.

Click here for the C-2 diagram.

Optional 30 amp / 50 amp power center shown -

C-6 Dock Box - provides roughly 5 cubic feet of space.

C-6 Dock Box - Shown open, notice support chains and lockable hasp.

C-6 shown on a trailer, perfect for those wanting extra storage.


C-11 Dock Box.  These are great for those larger items, also popular next to the pool at home.  Comes with 2 stainless steel chains, anodized aluminum hinges and a locking hasp.  Click here for a diagram.

Another view of the C-11 Dock Box.

C-4 Dock Box - 28" x 39" x 22" for a total of 14 Cubic Feet of storage space.

C-4's are available with an optional cutout for power centers

(not included).

Side view of the C-4.  Click here for the C-4 Diagram.

       All products made with pride in America

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